Burger King has become the K-mart of the leading fast food restaurants, amirite?

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Burger King tastes way better than McDonald's.

@Smooth_Criminal false. Especially when it comes to fries

Aww hell no. BK's fries alone are what makes BK better than McD's.

Wait, what does that mean?

@CaliforniaGurl Wait, what does that mean?

No one seems to go to K-Mart anymore in light of Walmart, Target, etc. No one seems to go to Burger King much in light of McDonald's, Wendy's, etc.

Wendys, ftw.

"Mcdonalds is so greasy and fattening, Who's up for Burger King?"

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I think it should be Carl's Jr instead of Burger King

@Rocky That is nonsense.

I know, I know :/ but where I live that's the case. Carl's Jr is so good!

McDonald's and Burger King are definitely #1 and #2 in the fast food industry.

Top burger places:
1. Hardees. Might be a bit pricey, but it's the best quality.
2. Rally's. If you don't like their fries you're insane.
3. Burger King. Not the most expensive but still good quality.
4. White Castle.
5. McDonald's. Good when you're low on money but want to eat out.
6. Wendy's. They just suck and their new fries didn't make them any better.

Because your too sophisticated for McDonald's