White people should never get cornrows, amirite?

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Who gives a fuck what peoples' hairstyles are.

Ok since when is hair divided by race? I think corn rows look nicer on black people, but there's no reason a white, hispanics, or Asian person can't have them.

Trishs avatar Trish No Way +6Reply

What if they're farmers? Then can they have them?

I think theyre ugly on everyone.

GiggityGoo22s avatar GiggityGoo22 Yeah You Are +2Reply

White people shouldn't have dreadlocks either.

Mostly because there's a certain type of white person who have dreadlocks and those people piss me the fuck off.

I was just in Amsterdam lest week. They were all over the goddamn place.


monstrositys avatar monstrosity Yeah You Are +1Reply

I think Orlando Bloom would still be freaking hot....

Anonymous 0Reply

Unless they're into looking like they have dirty greasy hair... Then it's whatever.

Tweetbaby14s avatar Tweetbaby14 Yeah You Are -1Reply

Lol an Asian with cornrows. That's funny shit

Anonymous -1Reply

The 13 NW's were white people with cornrows...

@Captainspadevatore The 13 NW's were white people with cornrows...

Nah, with all these shitty updates, it seems more like facebook. (though I did get what you were saying)

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