You probably could be doing some type of homework or assignment right now, amirite?

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i have... Algebra 2, Chemistry Honors Test tomorrow, History Read And answer Questions, and 3 Spanish Essays. My teachers are homework whores.

Shh, don't tell my mom.

I have a test in 2 days, but that doesn't count, because it's in 2 days.

Pre-Calc is not fun calc. ;_;

yuuuppp. math and i'm avoiding it by doing this =P

i am avoiding OBSCENE amounts of homework currently.
it doesn't help that i have 2 tests the day after tomorrow. but, y'know, i have tomorrow.

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My God I hate you... Why did you have to remind me of that fact? xD

I JUST FINISHED MINE! i am rewarding myself with amirite posts :)

It's so cool, I get into honors classes in highschool and I never have homework. When I was in middle school, I ALWAYS had homework and wrote more than 6 papers a month....

It's the second day of school and I have an essay due on Thursday. -_- and plenty more homework to come

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aha, i know exactly what you mean. My geo teacher expects us to write out every damn step and you end up getting half a page per problem. =____=

Finished AP World, Spanish 3, AP Statistics, and Computer Science, now I have an English paper though:/

Dear God, I've only just started my second week of school.
Eff you, chemistry.

AP History. :/ I just finished my freakingg essay and I was about to write my notes. But amirite is more interesting.

Ha! After you reminding me, I have now finished! So, I could change my vote to no, but oh well.

Class of '08 :) soooo glad I'm done with homework. Lol

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Thank you for reminding me :D

Maths...I'd better go do that now actually D: The fact they're called surds doesn't help. It makes them sound harder.

Totally avoiding my English portfolio that's due tomorrow, and is worth very many points. I haven't even started it, but hey! I'm not about to now.

i'm avoiding taking notes on 4 chapters in AP Biology (due thursday)...I'm on page 2 and have been at this for 45 minutes...:0 you're making me feel guilty ;)

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lol I'm on holidays :)

I always finish my work in class, so I rarely have homework.

@Clay_ Nope. I always finish my work in class, so I rarely have homework.

I fail to see how my comments were voted down just 'cause I don't have homework and you all do. Get over it. This is why you don't waste time in school so you can get your work done where it's supposed to be done instead of dragging it home, only to procrastinate the process of doing it, and then never doing it.I'll put it in Layman's terms.WORK DONE IN SCHOOL = NO HOMEWORK = MOAR AMIRITE TIEM AFTER SCHOOL.

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