You have a daily routine that you do every time you turn your computer on. ex) log onto skype, aim, open up 3 tabs -youtube, FB, &, amirite?

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people who use aim?

Who uses AIM?

I start the Sims, open iTunes, open Gmail, Tumblr, and Facebook.

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Facebook -> Youtube -> Cracked -> Amirite -> LoL -> Twitter -> WoW Insider. Same Order everyday when I get home.

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People really do that? That's odd. I just open anything I feel like and then the next thing I feel like opening, why would you want three tabs open at once when you can't/don't look at them all at the same time?

@personThingy It's called an example. You don't have to open 3 tabs to YYA.

No, I realise that, I'm talking about the concept in general: opening more than one thing.

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