It must suck to be home schooled... homework all the time!? amirite?

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Exceeeept that I always finished school by noon. And graduated early.

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smiles Nope, I remember it only taking me about 3-5 hours to do all my school work each day. It was easy to get distracted though. I loved being able to make my own schedule, get up when I wanted and so on.
Homeschoolers really have it good. :)

Actually, as it's been stated above, homeschooling is awesome. I enjoy it because I can finish all my work within 3 hours. :) I think that's MUCH better than being in a classroom all day at school

I'm homeschooled. It's not that bad. It's just easier to get distracted with your Xbox/Ps3/Wii or whatever you have. But if you be diligent with your school, you can usually get done with your work by noon ish :p

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actually I never have homework, I just get it all done from 8:30 to 3:00

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