The naughty girls and boys in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory should have been sent to me so I could "discipline" them, amirite?

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i told my principal to send me to pedo bear if I was being a bad girl xD. he sent me to guidance rofl.

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theres a pedo bear sticker on my princepal's car...I'm really scared I know your day job Mr. Pedo.

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hahah Pedo_bear you can baby sit my kids any time!

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They would never misbehave again.

I LOL'd when I read this! :-P

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wht abt me? :(

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Oh Pedo_Bear. How we love you.

Holy crap! That's horrible.


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Pedo Bears dream Job is a pediatrician :3

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@Pedo Bears dream Job is a pediatrician :3

I'm getting my medical degree right now!

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My name is not Perv_Bear, it is Pedo_Bear.

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