After reading the the sentence, you are now aware that the the human brain often does not inform you that the the word "the" has been repeated twice every time, amirite?

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DUDE, that was scary!

I speed read.. so i don't actually read ALL the words...

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Wow that was some weird shit... I had to read it a couple times before I noticed the three times it was repeated.

:/ i noticed right away

@thedoctormerlin lol XD

Yeah I was like, wait wtf? And I reread it after the first "the the" and I was like oh haha

I actually had to look back and read it to know what you were talking about haha

I noticed the first one(s) and thought it was a typo....
then I finish reading, and I'm like..."WTF!! You TrICKED ME!!"

cup_a_snackis avatar cup_a_snacki Yeah You Are +6Reply

lol someone showed me this trick before, and now I fell for it again

This worked on me a few months ago, but not this time. Typically if you catch it that means you read slowly, lol.

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Oh my god. I had a post almost EXACTLY like this. And the moderators removed it because "It's not what amirite is for". How the FUCK did someone take it and not only not have it removed, but even get it on the freaking homepage? -_-

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Damn you. lol

I read this on the homepage, then on the most favorited. I fell for it both times.

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Already knew that.

i noticed it right away even though usually i don't.

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@i noticed it right away even though usually i don't.

I noticed 3 times after readin well am not the smartest british girl am I

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I didn't get it until I looked closer...

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Worked for me :O today I can actually use the underrated word flabbergasted :D I am completely flabbergasted!

I caught the first one but not the second one d: hahaha.

bmaries avatar bmarie Yeah You Are +1Reply

I very nearly always catch repeated words and such cuz they bug me me like a stutter, and people notice stutters.

What. The. Hell. I thought it only repeated twice the first time 'the the' appeared. Now, after a day after seeing this post, I see the was typed twice every time 'the' came up.

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Aslo, you can raed a wrod poreplry wehn the frsit and lsat letrets are in the rghit palecs, and the mdilde lrtetes, are mxeid up. My sxtih gadre raeindg tchaeer beileved taht lsoing piotns for msispleinlg was ufnair.
Also, you can read a word properly when the first and last letters are in the right places, and the middle letters are mixed up. My sixth grade reading teacher believed that losing points for misspelling was unfair.

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@Aslo, you can raed a wrod poreplry wehn the frsit and lsat letrets are in the rghit palecs, and the mdilde lrtetes...

this is how dyslexics read just to let evryone know. when a word egts messed up, it goes normal.

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Creeepy. I was reading the sentence and couldn't really READ it, something was wrong. Then I noticed the double the's.

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i didnt see it the first time but I did the second

lol! this one made me feel stupid!!!

Miss_Potters avatar Miss_Potter Yeah You Are 0Reply

Wow... major high-fiving-ness to the poster... I can't believe I fell for this!

imsolost_hugmes avatar imsolost_hugme Yeah You Are 0Reply

I only noticed the first 'the the'

from start of the sentence itself ,i was seeing for that words.......so i got it in first reading itself

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Noticed right away. This only works when the "the's" are on two separate lines.

Also I think this may be a repeat, but I'm not sure.

If you catch it immediately, is that a sign of high intelligence? lol

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