Sore throats are the absolute worst part of being sick because nothing alleviates the irritation, amirite?

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Hell no... stuffed up noses are the worst, because you have to breathe through your mouth all the time like a mongoloid, your nose gets torn up, and when you sleep you wake up with your lips all cracked and dry and your mouth feels like something crawled in there and died.

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Oh yeah, and it kills your sense of smell, so everything you eat tastes like differently-textured nothing.

Yes, I'm suffering terribly from allergies right now >.<

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i thought i had strep because my throat hurts so bad. nope. its just a REALLY bad sinus infection.....now whenever i sneeze it hurts like CRAZY

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Actually, I hate everything the most.
I hate runny noses, because it's awkward in school when you keep having to sniffle.
I hate stuffy noses, because of all of the reasons 420 said.
I hate sore throats just because they're painful.
I hate the headaches because it hurts to bend over and waking up is 10x more painful.

Everything that's worse than a sore throat:
Runny/stuffy nose
Throwing up
Having a bad cough

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Yeah, sore throats are painful, but cough drops do help(and some of them are yummy)- even if you can get your decongestant or nasal spray to clear out your nose, you have to deal with hypersensitive and raw sinuses... which is a special kind of torture when you live with a smoker.

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Cum does. (:

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