<-- (look to your left) that is your weapon in the zombie apocalypse, amirite?

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A Puerto Rican...

Mikes avatar Mike Yeah You Are +24Reply
@Mike A Puerto Rican...

Is that good or bad?

Watermelons avatar Watermelon Yeah You Are +1Reply
@Watermelon Is that good or bad?

Well, he can fend me off while I run lol

Mikes avatar Mike Yeah You Are +1Reply
@Watermelon So is it good?

That sounds good to me...

Mikes avatar Mike Yeah You Are 0Reply
@Mike That sounds good to me...

Anyways...how did you see a Puerto Rican to your left?

Watermelons avatar Watermelon Yeah You Are 0Reply
@Mike I was in class

Oh. That explains it. Puerto Ricans are sometimes very violent...maybe he can fight the zombie while you run!

Watermelons avatar Watermelon Yeah You Are -4Reply

I think this is the first time a post has gotten more comments than votes...


Truuninjas avatar Truuninja Yeah You Are +18Reply
@Truuninja Wall.

well maybe you could hide behind it?

Anonymous 0Reply
@well maybe you could hide behind it?

(!@#$%&amp;*()): I wouldn't count on it, the other side of it is the outside, I'm expecting there'd be more zombies out there than in here, maybe I could hit them against it...

Truuninjas avatar Truuninja Yeah You Are +1Reply

Sitting at my desk and... A 50 pound bust of Julius Caesar... Bring It.

seven children are directly to my left.

My dog. Fuckkk yeeaaahh

@Marylov3 My dog. Fuckkk yeeaaahh

You go rufus! Kill the zombies! Good boy!

Anonymous +8Reply

A giant toy rabbit (:
Why don't a just lie naked on a salad and yell "take me!"

Psychotics avatar Psychotic Yeah You Are +13Reply
@ForeverAScone A giant stuffed duck :/ is there room on the salad for 2?

Yes, if you bring the duck.
He can be the appetiser & also fulfill my duck fetish.

Psychotics avatar Psychotic Yeah You Are 0Reply

A teddy bear names snuggles.
Excellent. :|

a pair of shorts. seriously? im i supposed to get close enough to them to suffocate them? and i live beside a graveyard. im f.u.c.k.e.d.

I cheated. I unplugged my laptop and rolled over to where a fire poker was.

My 9-year-old brother... I'm scared.

Anonymous +10Reply

A chair..
Well, it looks like I'm better off than some of you.

A wall !!! I'm doomed !!! To my right.. Oh my god... ZOMBIES !!!

Theonemyselfs avatar Theonemyself Yeah You Are +9Reply

Some textbooks, and my dad...win?

Anonymous +9Reply

A golf club!!!!

A sandwich...?

Anonymous +8Reply
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Zombie and sammich joke in one - impressive!

A stapler.


A Harry Potter book..avada kedavra? O.o

Anonymous +8Reply

My twin and a box of Wheat Thins :) ill protect you all

A ginger. CRAP.


Anonymous +7Reply

Same here. Plus lotion and a play-... the Bible.

Anonymous +23Reply
@Same here. Plus lotion and a play-... the Bible.

All you all just come over to my place. I have a drum kit next to me.

The rest of my room.



Anonymous +7Reply

Me too! I memory foam one!

Anonymous +5Reply

my couch
fuck yeah bitches

Anonymous +7Reply
@Keith_Stone FUCK. YO. COUCH. NIGGA!!

FUCK YOU!!! imma beat you over the head with my couch! :)

Anonymous -1Reply

Umm.. no.
Dave Chappelle ftw!!

oooooooh. I thought you meant the little cell phone symbol. :/

A stuffed animal Tigger?
"Quick get your weapons! The zombies are coming!"
pulls out Tigger "Uhh..."

It's a lamp.

Anonymous +6Reply
@It's a lamp.

same here, but i also have a box of tissues, hmm i think the lamp will be more usefull, though im probably still screwed...beats zombie with small lamp "die die!" arm is riped off "oh shit!" dies

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yep, a printer too. and a bunch of random connector cables and USBs.

Anonymous 0Reply

A Caprisun? It's grape, so I'll just give some to the zombies and they'll die from disgusting medicine taste.

A piano? I'm not exactly sure how this is going to work. But hey, it'll be intresting.

Anonymous +6Reply

A bag of goldfish, a rabbit-vase, an old-style horn, and a clay cup.


A hair brush? I'm screwed!

Toilet paper and a towel. I get to TP the zombies, and then smack them with a towel. Marvelous.

Anonymous +5Reply

A cell phone, cup of ice water, three pillows, two books, and the contents of my purse.
It'd be easier to just surrender.

A graphing calculator.

@VictoryAAC A graphing calculator.

i lol'd when i read that. teach the zombies calculus.

looks to left Zombie.

Anonymous +5Reply

A... cowboy hat?

my fox terrier...im screwed he's a baby

My younger sister. Sometimes the universe just throws you a freebie :)

Anonymous +5Reply

My stuffed unicorn named Mirphak? haha I'm screwed!

Anonymous +2Reply

A yellow submarine lava lamp? It CAN get hot...

HelterSkelters avatar HelterSkelter Yeah You Are +4Reply

if anyone coincedentally had like a sword next to them they'd be so excited they would take it out and yell "BRING IT ON!!!!"

Every one! We need to meet in a disclosed location at the apocalypse! We will bring our weapons and divide them evenly. Like I said I have a drum kit, so the 4 or 5 people who just had pillows can take a Tom or a cymbal (exept the hi-hat, that ones mine).

I have my binder with a picture of Chuck Norris on the front... Maybe if I hold the binder to my face they'll think I'm him and run. :D
Or I have a pillow for back up.

Anonymous +4Reply

My hockey stick haha

My speaker, some pills, and a jar of Salsa...

@Evalyn My speaker, some pills, and a jar of Salsa...

Hold, on, I'll be there in a few seconds. I might be able to make you a bomb.

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Anonymous +3Reply

I'd eat those all before the zombies came.

Anonymous +3Reply

Pikachu is my weapon? Awesome.

....its a random old lady >_<....

well she has a giant purse?

Anonymous +3Reply

The thing on my left is a nonworking PC monitor. I think there is a possibility that I might survive.

An envelope.

Good stuff.

My leg. Hmm..

a poptart?

rivals avatar rival Yeah You Are +3Reply

Nothing. At all. Yeah, I think I'll just become a zombie.

Anonymous +3Reply

HELLS YEAH, they better beward the wrath of my...iPod charger.

A stuffed Buttercup from the powerpuff girls. Fuck yeah.

Anonymous +3Reply

A tiny cactus with a litle sombrero

Anonymous +3Reply

A cell phone. An outdated cell phone. Really. =/

Anonymous +2Reply
@A cell phone. An outdated cell phone. Really. =/

if its a nokia your going to save the world and still have the phone in one piece

Anonymous 0Reply

my bed (covered in blankets pillows and my ugly doll) and an empty juicebox...this will go splendidly...

Anonymous +2Reply

A bazooka. Fuck yeah!

Anonymous +2Reply

a pair of jeans and a picture of a wolf....great T_T

Anonymous +2Reply

Chapstick. Im screwed.

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Its peppermint D:

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bigger hugs!

A metal music stand. OH YEAH I'm gonna save you all!

Anonymous +2Reply

golf clubs. :) bring it on zombies!!

Anonymous +2Reply

Haha I have you all beat. My daughters swing is to my left :D. It has a fan, multiple blankets, two bras and a plastic bag in it.

CDs and a burrito :P

...I got a stuffed Domo from target, with a cape on...

My wall. I get to bash their head into the wall till they die for sure! Fuck yeah!

You guys are awesome!

It's a calendar...

Anonymous +1Reply

my foam pirate sword????

Anonymous +1Reply

a wall???

Anonymous +1Reply


Anonymous +1Reply

A lamp, a trash can and a bookcase. YE-AH! The boockcase not only has books, but a stapler, tape, picture frames, a trophy, pencils and rubber bands. I think I'm set to hit, smash, staple, tape, and poke those zombies back to death!

Anonymous +1Reply

I got a scope from a Nerf Longshot...


Anonymous +1Reply

I have an empty space to my left...not cool. I guess I'll be running then.

Anonymous +1Reply

awesome, a guitar. it actually is a weapon in l4d2!!

Anonymous +1Reply

Half a bar of chocolate. Oh dear.

A fan and a exercise ball. I'm Doomed!!

@NARNIA A fan and a exercise ball. I'm Doomed!!

No, you could stick the zombie's arms in the fan so the blades chop it up, and you could play zombie dodgeball with the exercise ball.

Anonymous +2Reply

my bed. this doesnt look good....

Sitting at my desk and... A 50 pound bust of Julius Caesar... Bring It.

A mop haha awesome.

a bowl of cereal...

Anonymous 0Reply

My body pillow, my yearbook, and my Blackberry... I don`t think any of those will save me.

silverdreams92s avatar silverdreams92 Yeah You Are 0Reply

a magazine, i'm screwed

Anonymous 0Reply

A house phone, a PS3 controller, and a keyboard.
I'm totally going to survive.

Anonymous 0Reply

Oh no... it's a pillow =O I'm doomed.

420Grrl 0Reply

A pillow

Anonymous 0Reply

A corded phone, a book, and a stapler.

an empty water bottle and a magazine. i'm fucked.

Anonymous 0Reply

My hand and my sneakers. I'm screwed.

A TV remote!

Anyways, bird food and a rubber duck... :/

A fruit basket. Crap.

Watermelons avatar Watermelon Yeah You Are 0Reply

Alarm Clock... Crap.

Anonymous 0Reply

Well, I'm so late to comment few people will read this but a radio! Awesome!

Anonymous 0Reply

a screwdriver, scissors, lotion, assorted pens, and a lamp? ...fuuuuuuu....

Anonymous 0Reply

an empty glass!

Anonymous 0Reply

a pillow. Lololololol


Anonymous 0Reply

My pillow? Uh oh.

OHOHO!! I have the gun locker!

Anonymous 0Reply


TwoSpoonss avatar TwoSpoons Yeah You Are 0Reply

My thumb...

Anonymous 0Reply

... the door =/

couch...too bad i wouldnt be able to lift it

Anonymous 0Reply

A printer...mmmm...this doesnt look good


Anonymous 0Reply

Haha a wall is gonna be my weapon...that is seriously the only thing I see when I look to my left. :)

Anonymous 0Reply

Pillow =(

Im in a hotel and to my left is a window with the city of new haven. I have yale campus and everything/one on it to help me fight!

Anonymous 0Reply

A guitar hero guitar!>=D

some tools kool

My 'Rebel Without A Cause' DVD.

I'm screwed.

monstrositys avatar monstrosity Yeah You Are 0Reply

A cushion.. From a couch.. We could have a pillow fight!

Kaitlyns avatar Kaitlyn Yeah You Are 0Reply

bunch of stuffed animals....fffffffuuuuuuu

my sex doll. oh Yeaah.

Anonymous 0Reply

starbucks coffee and redbull...

Anonymous 0Reply

my cell phone
well i could always call for help :/

razorsofts avatar razorsoft Yeah You Are 0Reply

A replica sword and a loaded gun. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Anonymous 0Reply

I have a gecko, some soccer cleats, and a slinky. I may need to make a sling shot and use the gecko as ammunition....sorry Zilla....

Anonymous 0Reply

Best comment string ever.

Anonymous 0Reply

A big metal shelf full of crap, a printer and a phone.... wel the only thing I can lift is the phone. Death by sales call?

fangirl12s avatar fangirl12 Yeah You Are 0Reply

a coffee? i could kill them all with my caffeine addiction! :O

@Youre_On_My_Hitlist a coffee? i could kill them all with my caffeine addiction! :O

i decided coffee wasn't going to help so am now sat in the shed with my dads replica Bowie knives, twin swords, god knows how many saws, 3 hammers, 2 small and one large axe, an industrial staple gun, lawnmower, old crossbow and ..... i still have my coffee :D

... A kitten.

The arrow at the start is particularly helpful.
Anyway, for me, it's a pillow...

Real life metal replica of the Captain America shield. Fucking bring it. >:D

Anonymous 0Reply

...My old clone trooper helmet and hat rack. .-. I'd last a few minutes at least.

Anonymous 0Reply

M-16 f*ck ya!!!!

Anonymous -3Reply

This isn't 4chan, faggot

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