The word pee sounds juvenile but urine sounds too scientific. There is no middle ground when talking about pee, amirite?

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Yea I'm pretty sure "piss" is used by all between the ages of eight and dead

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Pissing. Drain the main vein. Take a leak. Pee. Urinate. Tinkle. Go number 1. Take ur pick


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I think pee is the middle ground.
Wee is childish.
Piss is not a parent-friendly word.
Urinate is scientific.
Going #1, taking a leak etc. are annoying because they're expressions not words.
Tinkle sounds too fairytale-ish.

But everyone says pee.

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"May I please go to the bathroom?" beats "can I go pee?" :D

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taking a leak

@Bitzinator taking a leak

Go for a slash is a common one in the UK.


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Pee-middle ground

Use the little boys/girls room?

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