Kids with parents who actually care about them don't know how lucky they are, even if it can seem strict sometimes... neglect sounds great unless you actually are neglected, amirite?

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But a little freedom isnt the same as neglect

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It's still better than not caring. Better to have a stricter upbringing and a better life, than do what you want and end up mess, and probably a bad parent yourself as well.

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neglect don't sound nice at all

my parents raised me fine I am in no way a fuck up, but I didnt have a crazy strict upbringing. I am just saying you can take care and raise your kids and give them a little freedom. Some kids grow up with strict parents, and they are the ones who get ridiculously/embarrassingly wasted when they go to college or just get all slutty and whatnot. Im not saying let your kids run free, but dont lock them from the world.

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@Party_Girl: I sincerely hope that wasn't sarcasm. Sorry your parent/s didn't give you the structure you needed, and I hope you haven't let it ruin your life as your username suggests.

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Each extreme is equally as bad. They both have negative affects on a person.. So, it's not a this is worse or that is worse, it's both is worse.

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Holy shit, I got homepaged. LOL

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@Saigot That's what kids are asking for, though, when they say that they wish their parents would just leave them alone and stay out of their lives. I've seen it, and it's not nearly as great as it sounds. It's really hard not to be a fuckup, when left completely to your own devices as a kid.

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I don't think anyone was talking about strictness to the point of abuse.

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I can sooo relate to this- Letting you kid spend the night at their boy friends house when ever they want, walk home at three in the morning, come home stoned, yeah I was a very unhappy child.

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