there's that one book you remember reading years ago. you remember the plot and everything, but you cannot for the life of you remember the name or author, amirite?

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There was a series about a group of Australian teens who used guerrilla warfare against an invading army to save the country. I think there was five books in the series.

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@Yesterday after the war began? Its also a movie thats just been released.

Consider yourself next to god. I've been trying to remember that series for years now.

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@Propane Consider yourself next to god. I've been trying to remember that series for years now.

(I am anonymous XD, Forgot to sign in) But yes, its just been released in the cinemas (Here in australia at least) and I watched a preview of it when I was there last

In elementary school, the librarian read our class a book about a kid who came up with a theory for human-photosynthesis and then turned himself into a human-photosynthesizer.

@Propane i think i know the series you are talking about, but i can't for the life of me remember the name of it... But usually I can remember names. Unless I was so into the book the name just didn't exist, and now I can't find them and they eternally elude me from finding them again.

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Right now there's two books I'm trying to remember:
The first one is set in a desert city. One of the main characters is an heir/king, whose name starts with R, perhaps Ronan. Another main character is a sort of priestess, who wears symbolic rings. The priestess is supposed to marry the heir/king. The cover of the MMPB had the heir/king and the priestess hugging or something.

The second one is about a dark haired girl, who becomes a woman over the course of the story. She has a golden haired cousin who becomes the queen of wherever they live. The dark haired girl is a good warrior. I remember a scene where the queen had to drink some blood at a ceremony and was squeamish about it, but did it anyway. The queen, who used to be the dark haired girl's best friend, forces her to marry an airhead, and she gets pregnant. Her husband is slaughtered. After a battle, the dark haired one has the baby on a mountain during bad weather/ bad circumstances.

Both the books are at least 6 or 7 y/o.

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@anime_serena Right now there's two books I'm trying to remember: The first one is set in a desert city. One of the main...

Is the second one The Two Princesses of Bamarre? No... maybe not... semi-similar plot, though... Actually, more than semi-similar... I think...

Trying to remember a really good series atm its a preteenish book about a girl who was adopted who turned into a cat women thing when she had her period... nddd yerrrr!

The second book I'm DESPERATELY trying to remember is based on/around when Stalin was in power, and several kids go missing and all the authorities are turning a blind eye towards it, except one detective. I vaugely remember the detective being trapped in a train and he escaped through the floor, falling onto the tracks because the authorities found him trying to find these missing kids, it was very thrilling, and I would LOVE to read it again!

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The book I can't remember is about a girl in an overprotective society. The - prophet I think he was called - chooses all of the girls' husbands for them when they are teenagers, and generally the husband us 30 years or so older than the girls and have a lot of other wives. The main character is 13, and her husband is supposed to be her uncle. The society has a lot of rules- like the society in the Giver- and this girl is always breaking them. She leaves the place for a little while every week to get books from a mobile library. She hides the books in a tree so no one can find them. I think at some point she runs away, but I can't remember much else.

A book about this teenager. There's this werid...curse..thing...Well, the long and short of it is that it's based completely off of the song 'Scarborough Fair'.

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The book takes place in a hotel during a snow storm and there's some sort of contest. I loved this book over 10 years ago, but can't remember the name!

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