I think it's a good thing that women have periods. That way, once a month, they get to be the ones living with an irritating cunt for a change, amirite?

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Perhaps one of the best parts of this post is that he didn't even go Anonymous. +10 respect

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In the words of Mr Garrison, "sorry wendy, i just don't trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and doesn't die"

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On another note, this post is hilarious.

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Can't tell if being funny or just being an ass....

So bad and so funny.

Dameequas avatar Dameequa Yeah You Are +1Reply

hahaha yo that made me btfu good shit

yupperss avatar yuppers Yeah You Are +1Reply

While I was greatly offended reading it the first time, I now find myself highly amused by how cunning and witty you are

try posting this on funnyjunk.com. they'll lov you

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