It's scary how easy it is to be cruel to people in this world. Think about it, when was the last time you've made fun of someone? You don't even realize it, you say it and forget about it two minutes later. But it stays with that person forever. Even if you were just messing around, to them it's serious. It's scary how easy it is to ruin someone's day without even realizing it. amirite?

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Insults don't stay with you forever unless you're extremely oversensitive. Yeah they can ruin your day, but not much more then that.

I know, but I wish that people could take insults a little bit better. I can take just about anything, and I wish that other people could too so that nobody had to worry about accidental insults.

I'm glad you spread the message. I can take just about anything, but if I walk away and the attacker follows me and continues to insult me, I can't do it. I don't have problems with lesbians, but when this guy called me one, it did NOT leave my mind. Ever.

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I see you're point, but most of the time we just make fun of our friends (and vice versa) and know it's a joke. You'd have to be a real jerk to make fun of people to their faces that often and actually mean it.

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I see what you mean. I think a lot more gossip happens than directly insulting someone, at least at my school. But I guess even small insults like randomly telling a short person "You're so short!!!" Can create an awkward situation and make you seem like you're attacking them. I remember once we were talking about hair and I joked that my obscenely curly hair was like an afro sometimes, and one girl said "more like all the time" and I kept thinking about it the rest of the day, like "why would she say that? Is it really necessary?"

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