What's the point of having right and left earbuds labeled and put into the correct ear? It's not like a rap song is going to randomly start saying "I'm rappin' in yo left ear, now i'm rappin' in yo right, if that's not correct then yo' that ain't tight", amirite?

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They're designed to fit each ear - if they're in the wrong ear it's uncomfortable and it doesn't sound as good. But hey, I guess it doesn't bother some people.

not even close to funny

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no problem fag

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Well what if you're watching a video where a car comes rushing by from the left of the screen but u hear it in your right ear? MADNESS

I just noticed myself that the "amirite?" at the end fits in with the lyrics. Look how well that turned out.

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Haha nice rap! I'd buy that song.

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Not only do they fit each ear, but there are songs that play different parts of the song in each ear.
It's why there's a "stereo" setting and a "mono" setting.

This is either really well-thought out trolling or completely moronic.

Some songs actually have that sort of thing--where certain sounds are supposed to be heard in one ear as oppose to another.

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This actually made me laugh

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Haha, I like the rap and it'd be awesome as a song. But anyways, earbuds aren't only for music. You can plug them into computers... to listen to stuff... like games. I'm a gamer, the end.

The earbuds are shapped to fit each ear, it has nothing to do with the song...

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Probably 30% of the songs I listen to have different sounds in each ear at some point. I'm so OCD that I would want them in the right ear even if that weren't true, though.

actually they're shaped differently to fit each ear, its uncomfortable to have it the other way.
but i nearly pissed myself laughing at this anyway!

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That could not have had any worse grammar.
That could not have been any funnier!

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if i could follow-up this i'd totally add a chorus.

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