Anyone who can sing all of "One week" by the Bare naked ladies is a god, amirite?

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Challenge accepted.

@Champion Challenge accepted.

XD. Same here. This'll be fun.

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"Welcome to China, the Chinese chicken..."

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@"Welcome to China, the Chinese chicken..."

(iLOL@Funerals): I always sung it "chickity china, the chinese chicken" Under the assumption that Chickity China was some sort of Chinese restaurant? I was off.

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Please, dont call me God. Just call me G :)

i can sing MOST of it...... can I settle for being awesome?

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Without stuttering !!

Okay, as your new God I have some new commandments.
1. You must all think about peanut butter more frequently.
2. repeat steps 1-2

that is all

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the people who are singing it can...

"its been one week since you looked at me; cocked your head to the side and said I'm angry..."

@allybally "its been one week since you looked at me; cocked your head to the side and said I'm angry..."

5 days since the living room, I realized its all my fault but couldn't tell you... I think

Yes, yes I am.

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I never knew I was a god. Its good to know now.

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I can get pretty far sometimes, but not all the way through.

I used to be able to, doubt I could now : (

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The Sailor Moon part always screws me up.

try hard not to smile though i feel bad:) haha love that song

I know them all!

Can i get a better set of clubs
can you get the kind with tiny nubs
just so my arms arent always flying off the backswing?
I cant sing all but most

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