You're white and have no idea where Caucasia is, amirite?

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I'm not white.

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@I'm not white.

I am not pleased with this...

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I'm brown and I'm Caucasian.

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Who wants to help me look for Caucasia?

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I'm white and I'm pretty sure that Caucasia is around the Caucous (not sure how to spell that) mountains in Eastern Europe.

wtf there's such a thing as Caucasia?? dies a little inside

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I'm like 75% Mexican and 25% French! Yayzz! Lol.

white and black baby! but my mom is from Ireland

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... Wait, really? I seriously had no idea that was an actual place.

Its a suburb of Narnia.

Facepalm The word Caucasian is derived from the Caucus Mountains outside of Turkey. What, you think Negroia is a real place or something?
In the 1700s, a biologist classified all humans as either Caucasian, Negroid or Mongoloid. This has since been falsified, but it's still common to call all whites Caucasian.

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hahahahah you're so funny!


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Lol I'm Scottish English and Irish but live in Canada :)

It's a city in Colombia guys, come on

The name Caucasian derives from the Caucus mountains in Europe...geez, learn YOUR history.

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