You wish you knew sign language so that when a teacher or an adult told you to stop talking, you could just continue the conversation in sign and your teacher couldn't get mad, you aren't talking, amirite?

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i have a deaf friend and when i went to a sleep-over with her and like 6 other people, the girl's whose house we were at's mom came in and started yelling at us. she didn't tell us to go to bed, just to stop talking. since we all knew signlanguage, we stayed up for hours just talking like that. =)

I've memorized the alphabet and a few words so that I can spell things out to my friends (who also know it) when we're in class or have lost our voices. It's actually very helpful.

They'd tell you off for being disruptive/distracting though :(

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hahahahaha. At our old school my group of friends did that, we talked in sign language. :)
And when the preps would be like "oh god they're talking in sign language" i'd do the "bras d'honneurs" thing. :D

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