Even if you say cheerleading isn't a sport there's still a part of you that knows if you were forced to do competitive cheerleading you wouldn't be able to do it, amirite?

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people that says it isn't a sport are haters..that shit looks hard

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Maybe I seem too sensitive about this topic, but cheerleading (competitively) is, in fact, a sport. Competitive cheer isn't impossible, but it is some tough stuff. And I don't like how it says "if you were forced" because cheerleading is freaking awesome and extremely fun.

This is what I think should be the categories for a sport.
Physicality - Lots of effort should need to be taken, and a physically fitter person should have an advantage to someone that isn't as physically fit.
2. Clear Point System - the point system should be clear and should not depend much on human opinion. It should make no difference how good a person looks while getting the points.

And since cheerleading and dancing are mostly based on human opinion when giving points, they are not sport. (Of course that shouldn't detract the amount of effort and ability a person needs to do those things).

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You are right in the sense that judges can score differently to each other, but the major part is based on how many times the person's fist makes contact with the opponent (or whatever it is) and leaves very little room for opinions.
The major point should be that it should never matter how elegant a person looks, you should not get additional points for your looks.

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@What about ice skating? It's an Olympic sport, but judging is subjective.

The Olympic argument is terrible because it isn't necessarily for sports. Painting and poetry writing have been part of the Olympics at some point, but no way in hell are those sports.

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The physical part should include physical ability you are right.

I don't see the relevance of whether or not I could do it has to it's being a sport. I could not play Football, but it's still a sport. I could not play Golf but it still is not a sport. I can blink but it is not a sport. I can not not write a symphony but that is not a sport. Where's the relation?

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The judge apparently ruled that the "primary purpose" was the support of other athletic teams, not competition.

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Competitive cheerleading and school cheerleading are completely different things. School cheerleading is just there to support a team, but competitive cheerleading has its own teams who are competing against each other. Difficulty rating aside, LLB and MLB are playing the same game. School cheer and competitive cheer are not. You can also have "little kid" school cheerleading and "little kid" competitive cheerleading. They are two separate things.

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@BetterThanEzra1119 I think that's just school or little kid cheerleading, not competitive cheerleading.

I was taking that from the article:

"Under Title IX, an activity can be considered a sport if it meets certain criteria, namely that it has coaches, practices, competitions during a defined season, a governing organization, and competition as its primary goal - not just the support of other athletic teams, reports the Associated Press"


Isn't competitive eating a sport though?

But what if a cheerleading team is purely competitive, and does not even support a team in any way?

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Scrabble is hard. Doesn't make it a sport.

@Magestic_merman Scrabble is hard. Doesn't make it a sport.

Scrabble is more of a mental effort than a physical effort.

I completely agree with this. I don't think cheerleading is a sport, but I do think it's hard work.

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Cheerleading is a sport to me.
We have intense practices to get flexible and strong, we treat games like we were the ones competing, and it's pretty difficult and dangerous. I'm a back base and stunting isn't easy.
But that's my opinion.

Cheerleading is deff a sport. Those girls have to b in great shape. I could never do it.

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Lets see them try

Still not a sport. It's just overglorified dancing. lol, seriously.

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@Mein_Geist Still not a sport. It's just overglorified dancing. lol, seriously.

sorry but i do believe dancing is considered a sport since 2 or 3 years ago

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