Just because someone has shiny, soft hair, pretty eyes and thick eyelashes, a cute nose, nice brows, full lips, clear skin, and straight white teeth doesn't mean that they're pretty, amirite?

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Just because someone has dull, hard hair, ugly eyes and thin eyelashes, an ugly nose, ugly brows, thin lips, bad skin, and crooked yellow teeth doesn't mean that they're ugly, amirite?

You just listed quite a few attractive features, it'd be quite hard to be ugly if you had all of that.

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So...you're saying someone can have pretty hair, pretty eyes, pretty eyelashes, a pretty nose, pretty brows, pretty lips, pretty skin and pretty teeth...but somehow manage to be unattractive?

Yes, I understand how strange it seems to say pretty eyelashes, pretty brows, pretty skin and pretty teeth. I was trying to make a point.

isn't that pretty much how frankenstein described his monster?

I don't know about you, but that sounds like a pretty person to me...

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Pretty on the outside is still pretty, though. :P

What would it make them, then? Ugly? It sure doesn't sound like it...

I think most people with all this would probably pretty but I mean, I guess it could be proportioned or spaced weirdly...

Each culture has different perceptions of beauty, so yes.

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Realistically, this could be perfectly true. Having many good features doesn't guarantee attractiveness.
I remember a few years ago someone who was handy with Photoshop put together a face with many different "attractive" features from celebrities. So this face had Angelina Jolie's lips, someone else's nose, someone else's forehead etc. Theoretically, the face should have been gorgeous, but most people agreed that it was actually rather strange-looking.
However, I will admit, if you have all of the features mentioned in the post, you probably are very good-looking!

Sounds nice, but it could all be fake O-O.

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Hmm my good facial attributes are having nice facial composition--basically nothing looks abstract, and I feel I have moderately pretty blue eyes and eyelids. Everything else, is not so "perfect" in my opinion. I have large pores, non-even reddish skin with skin prone to blackheads and some popped blood veins under my eyes, and after dyeing my hair it's long but it's not healthy looking or thick. My teeth are pale yellowish and crooked. But all in all I think if I don't compare myself to anyone, I look fine and the things I notice about myself that I don't like aren't that big of a deal unless I see someone that has it all and yes, I get a lot envious. But can I change it? No. I've always wanted braces and professional teeth whitening. Maybe someday.

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i have all that, but im kind of ugly/odd-looking, so i agree

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@i have all that, but im kind of ugly/odd-looking, so i agree

You sound perfect, then. This list literally listed every facial characteristic. Except face shape and all face shapes are beautiful

I agree with this post because most of the attributes listed are basic hygiene anyway

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@I agree with this post because most of the attributes listed are basic hygiene anyway

(Maddie Mary):
Even clear skin isn't basic hygiene... someone can wash their face twice a day and still get acne. Most of the things listed are uncontrollable.

I actually find someone who is absolutely perfect in a physical way to be not that attractive. I like someone who seems real.

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