It makes you really sad when grown men cry, amirite?

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The older they are, the sadder it is to see them cry.

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I was at this charity concert with my dad, and they were showing stories of sick children (since the concert was to raise money for children's hospitals), and there was a little two-year-old boy who died of liver failure... I think it's the only time I've ever seen my dad cry :'(

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My dad cried the first time he came back from Iraq.

It was heartbreaking.

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When the old man cried in Avril lavignes vid for 'when you're gone', i felt incredibly sad :(

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I have only witnessed my dad cry three times in my life and each time was more heartbreaking than the other! :-(

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I have never witnessed this phenomenon in real life.

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(GayJimmybrrhrrhrr...): Agreed.

I've seen my dad cry twice and it's so hard to watch

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