Why is there such an outburst against the mosque at Ground Zero? We can't blame every Muslim for the actions of a few. It'd be like saying every Christian or American is biased against Islam because ONE pastor/reverend threatened to burn the Qur'an. I'm an American, and I sure as hell didn't agree with him, amirite?

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Why do these posts keep getting homepaged?!
I swear, this is the 5 billionth one to get homepaged. And one of them was even POTD.
We get it. kthxbai.

How many times is this reworded post going to be on the homepage? Most Americans are against the mosque being built.....deal with it.

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It's not a mosque. It's a community center. Think YMCA for muslims. And it's not at ground zero. It was about 3 blocks away. And its probably not even happening, for lack of funds. Keep trying, though.

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Theres a difference between PRAYING somewhere and having it a place of worship. We have a prayer hall in our school, does that mean my school is a mosque?

Why is there an outburst about anything?

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Can you reference any studies that support that statement?

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@it's called numerous online polls, dumbass.

I find it hard to believe that that's a serious statement. Are you intentionally trying to look like a dumbass? If so, you're succeeding.

@749364 (Reeree): That is actually a good example of a biased survey. First of all, telephone surveys tend to be inaccurate. Groups of people are left out. Rasmussen's weighting program does little to solve the undercoverage problem. If only 35 black men answered the survey, making their answers worth more will still not give us an accurate view on what black men think about the Cordoba House project. The non response rate is probably high for this survey too. The type of people who would take time out of the day for this are people who are passionate about their opinion- most likely opposers of it.
Lastly, Scott Rasmussen, CEO of Rasmussen Reports, is a biased person himself, leaning toward the conservative view point. People often complain that he skews his surveys to favor Republicans: http://www.politico.com/news/stor...

Islam is an evil culture that evil people created. It preaches to kill and that we all go to hell, no matter what you say, that is the law of the culture. I feel awful for the people who have been mislead by it, and we need to help them learn, because Islam doesn't allow them to see anything outside of their culture. It needs to be stopped. Giving them a victory mosque where they destroyed many of our people is promoting them, and they need to be diminished. Approach them lovingly, but if the do not comply, pull the trigger. I wish I could show you the stats and videos of former Muslims that told about living in Islam culture. It's very sad.

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@Islam is an evil culture that evil people created. It preaches to kill and that we all go to hell, no matter what...

...I sincerely hope you're a troll. I'm Agnostic but I was raised by a Muslim family and was raised pretty damn well. Never bombed anything, as far as I know :P I've also read both the Quran and the Bible, and they preach 80ish percent the same thing.

Islam isn't evil. The fact that people cannot accept other people's beliefs is evil.

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