All political issues should be solved by a game of Dance Dance Revolution, amirite?

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I agreed just because I like the visual image of George Bush trying to keep up with the arrows.

Brookieos avatar Brookieo Yeah You Are +10Reply

Is this referring to the Corey in the house episode where the prez goed against the canadaians or something for like alaska and do the DDR wannabe game? and corey wins by doing the sophie shuffle?

MirandaRaes avatar MirandaRae Yeah You Are +10Reply

All the Asian countries would collectively run the world.

That's not fair. Obama is black. How could he lose?

That would be fucking epic! I think people would actually be interested in politics if that happened lol.

gommy2bears avatar gommy2bear Yeah You Are +4Reply

Made me think of Robot Chicken...

TaergaLives avatar TaergaLive Yeah You Are 0Reply

or Just Dance

Nesss avatar Ness Yeah You Are 0Reply

It'd tremendously help the obesity problem

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