If anyone lets them put a microchip into their bodies, they are blind sheep and are taking Humans in the wrong direction, amirite?

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I like how you just put "them".

@rapemasterflex I like how you just put "them".

Yeah, it really begs the question: Who's "them"? The government tracking your every muscular movement, or is it a science team studying the effects of a drug on whatever condition you have, or is it some random guy on the street?

Is this the real Renegade? I've never seen her with no caps... =/

Anyway, I'm not sure I agree... it depends on what the chip was for. Hell, a pacemaker probably has some kind of microchips in it(not that I know). If it was for some health reason, it'd probably be ok... but if it was for GPS tracking or some other insane thing, then hell no.

It would also be a likely indication of the prophesy of Revelations coming true.

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Sorry I dont get this. Explain please

@TalkingRice Sorry I dont get this. Explain please

Well scientists are working on putting computer chips inside people... like this one couple did it and they live in a smart house and the doors shut by them thinking about it and lights turn on and so on and so such... they also talk about creating the chips that will allow you to talk to each other just by thought... the scientists were talking about how it could be possible within a decade? And that normal humans would be a subspecies... and people with chips would be a superior race (or something to that effect)? I dunno, I didn't really like it... kinda sounded science fictiony

@TalkingRice sounds awesome, but WILL have a lot of conflict...then terminator 5 will be based off this lol

In a way it does... because you'll have all these new found abilities, but if you think about it people will probably make a business out of it. Where you have to upgrade your chip in order to do something and it would be super expensive and you have to buy virus blockers or something. Also what if it malfunctions, will you be brain dead? In addition to that if you have a chip, YOU can control then can the original manufacturers also control you? Spying on people would be a lot easier, if you just put a tracker on it....

If that happens wow think of what it will mean. Recalls when it breaks down or wears out-This is about what people have done by carrying these stupid phones at all times.

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