Sometimes you just need a special computer that doesn't connect to the internet or will only connect to sites you need for research so that you can actually do homework without getting distracted, amirite?

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I just make a separate account for my homework, and then I parental block myself from my specific distraction sites. It works pretty well, until I lose my will power and just type in my own parental block password -___-

I can access my school account from home, and the websites that are blocked at school are still blocked on my computer so I can get my homework done without getting too distracted.

Or you can utilize this nifty skill called self control - it works great :D

There's an app for that. No, I'm serious. It lets you set a limit on the websites and programs you use for a certain amount of time; if you don't want to get on facebook til 8:30, after you finished your homework, it will stop your computer from being able to load facebook, etc. It's pretty cool, a friend told me about it. I can't remember the name of it but if I do I'll make sure to let you know :)

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How about you practice suppressing impulses and simply choose not to visit distracting websites while doing homework?

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