When you think about your siblings, you realize that you are gonna have the most epic family reunions, amirite?

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If by "epic" you mean "epic battle to the death", then yes.

Only child :(

That and my 10+ cousins (with only a 5 years difference between the oldest and the youngest of us)...and we're italian so our parents have been letting us drink wine (not a lot) at family parties since we were 12 ;)

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Except for the fact that I don't know anyone who has family reunions.

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No. Not at all. It would be a snorefest.

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My family is just like the Kardashians (minus the two younger ones).
Three girls, one boy, sick humor.

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Only my family bever has these reunions. We all kind of get together at birthday parties. It's quite weird because a lot of us come frm diff. Countries.

I'm an only child. :'(

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