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catched? lmfao.

they has no catched on.

we'll start calling it football when you have correct grammar.

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@we'll start calling it football when you have correct grammar.

S/He might not need it, s/he probably doesn't even speak English (as a first language).... So s/he probably has proper grammar, but only in his/her native language...

Note that you didn't capitalize Soccer even though that it was at the beginning of the sentence, yet you took the time to capitalize the A in America. By the way, we have caught on. We just don't care.

Spelling hasn't catched on in your part of town.

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We do care about it...when the World Cup is occuring. Otherwise we only reslly care about football. Er, American football.

I came to the comments expecting a bunch of people to criticize "catched." Thanks for not disappointing me guys

definitely. caught.
sorry, i just had to.

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@definitely. caught. sorry, i just had to.

(sel.): I find it funny that you 'just had to' correct OP's spelling, but
a) missed *world's
b) didn't capitalize your 'I'.
Sorry, I just had to.

I usually don't point out grammatical errors that fifty other people have already mentioned in the comments, but when I saw the phrase "catched on," my eye started to twitch.

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They're actually pretty good. I'm not saying this because I'm American, but you obviously didn't see the match where they were losing 0-2 in the first half. They came back 2-2 in the second half and were the only team with enough stamina to do that. If it were any other team they would have lost hope long before. They also would've won 3-2 if it weren't for the bias ref. I'd say they've ''catched'' on.


It's called soccer because there's already a sport called football in America genius.

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we haven't caught on cuz we're busy with the far more entertaining football (American football).

I think it's caught, not catched

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I was so desperately hoping I could be the first one to point out that MINOR grammatical error you made, but alas I was too late


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Stop yelling at the OBVIOUS mistakes, guys. The use of the word "catched" is not the joke here.