I beg every teenager out there to stop complaining about how you hate school. On graduation day i guarantee you that you will realize that high school was such a good experience and it will be tough moving on to your own life alone. Please start appreciating your current life, amirite?

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well what we complain about is the work and terrible teacher. and I bet a ton that you did too. what YOU missed and alot of people miss is NOT highschool you miss goofing off in class, friends, partys, trips, teams, clubs ect. you do NOT miss the homework, the tests, the exams, the project, the STRESS! for gods sake!!!!!! a silly persont to post this! And i am not ungrateful i take education as a great opportuniy but it sucks!

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I appreciate being allowed the luxury of education. I didn't always feel that way, unfortunately, which I really regret right now because my grades have been affected by that.

However I'm hoping my last two years I can prove myself to be a hardworking individual.

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Every teenager complains about High School, it's the circle of life. I don't mind my school, just the idiots that manage the budget and the really bad teachers that can't teach for crap. Seriously, I only passed Spanish my freshman year because I Googled everything.

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I'm pretty sure i'm gonna be stoked when I get out... Besides, haven't you ever heard of oh, I dunno, college? You're not really out on your own after high school, I don't call being in any form of school living on your own. Anyway, unlike this other guy, I am bullied and (not to bad, but...) don't have many friends... It still majorly sucks and college looks a ton better- I mean, you pick your classes, you pick when you take your classes, sounds pretty damn great to me.

I'm a freshmen I realise I am a nerd but I love school

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Oh shut up. Like you never complained.

I know Highschool is a great experience I just have some days when it sucks.

actually, i was glad to graduate. cuz as has been said, there is college before the real world, and college is millions of times better than high school ever was.

what difference does it make to you?

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but I like complaining...

this is so true

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I took all my final exams early and skipped my graduation just so I could get out of High School 2 weeks early. I hated it that much. And no, I was not bullied or failing or anything like that. I had tons of friends, no enemies and kept good grades. I just hated it.

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I did not complain about high school, I actually enjoyed my classes and senior year I took a full load in high school and college, still did not complain. High school was great, college was great, it is the "real world" that's more challenging...

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What about people like me who dropped out?

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Not everyone had as great a time as you in high school.

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As much as I don't like school, it'll be sad when it's all over.

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cant wait, being homeschooled sucks.

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I don't mind school really, I just mind all the loads of work and stress it gives me.
And I know, college kids have it way worse, but still, either way, it isn't fun.

Yeah, cause you NEVER complained about highschool

@HopeImrite Yeah, cause you NEVER complained about highschool

I never said that, I have complained about it.

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@Dth I never said that, I have complained about it.

Then you're in no position to say they should stop complaining. School sucks, teenagers complain about it. Your post makes it seem like they're gonna to kill themselves because they don't appreciate how great highschool is.

@Dth Oh stop talking you child

Good argument. I'll stop because I've obviously proved that you can't think of anything to say

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