You have already decided what super power you're going to get if you were ever granted one, amirite?

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The power to have other powers.

Johnnys avatar Johnny Yeah You Are +4Reply

morph into anything.

then I could like, morph into me with a different superpower.


the power to push my thoughts into other people's minds

Anonymous +3Reply

invisibility :/

ivan_fourtwentys avatar ivan_fourtwenty Yeah You Are +2Reply

Teleportation for me xD

Charmasus avatar Charmasu Yeah You Are +2Reply

Shape-shifter ;D

Tempest_Trances avatar Tempest_Trance Yeah You Are +2Reply

Manipulate matter. That would be awesome.

Anonymous 0Reply

I would agree, but you cannot be granted a super power.
Someone cannot physically hand one to you

Although they may one day figure out how to get certain powers.
i.e. radiation turning you into the hulk.

Anonymous 0Reply

The ability to control time (pause, fast forward, etc.).
Heeeeell yeah.

asleepfromdays avatar asleepfromday Yeah You Are 0Reply
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