Modern Day Music sucks 60's and 70's is the way to go, amirite?

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Every era has good and bad music. I don't really prefer one decade of music over any other. Sure, most pop music on the Top 40 isn't very good, but most pop music isn't very good (remember that The Beatles are the exception, not the rule). I think one good thing about modern times is that there's more diversity in music than ever before. Again, most of it won't be good (Sturgeon's Law: 90 percent of everything is crap), but it's all about finding diamonds in the rough.

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Good music isn't exclusive to a generation,

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U really think Modern day Music is good??????????

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@U really think Modern day Music is good??????????

I've never heard of them before

get it...................?

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You forgot the '80's, but 60's and 70's is good too.

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i like the bands from the 60s and 70s that went into the 80s
there is some good 80s music

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Shitty music = 2005-2010

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anything is better than modern mainstream music.

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How about you open your eyes and broaden your horizons about music in general. Every generation has good an bad. Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus aren't the only musicians out there. There's some really awesome music right now that you're completely ignoring.

There is some really amazing music in today times. But not the shitty shit they play on the radio.. It sucks because today your really have to search to find really great music.. But I'm totally in love with everything 60's so I just had to comment:3

Beatles <3

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Classic rock is the best, mostly from the '70s-'80s. I could listen to Billy Idol, ACDC, and KISS all day, haha.

This is my favorite post of all time.

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I think 90's punk & emotive hardcore was the best, also early 2000's music was good.

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Uh Modern Day sucks but I can't stand 60's-70's. 80s-90s is the way to go:)

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