Facebook has ruined your favorite outfits. If there's a picture of you wearing it, you can no longer wear the same one around a different group of people because everyone sees it. Especially if you make it your profile picture, amirite?

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Or you know... You could not be so superficial and vain... They're just clothes who cares how often you wear a certain shirt? As long as its clean

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this is what you worry about?

Sorry if I don't have 9308424524 outfits that I could put together to never repeat outfits.

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First world problems

Definitely because god forbid you're seen in the same outfit twice. Who even does that???

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I remember for like 2 years I had the same default photo of me in this plaid shirt that I barely ever wore, and whenever someone saw me in it they'd be like "Don't you ALWAYS wear that shirt?" really accusingly. It got super annoying..

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Or you could have real problems...

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The fuck . . .

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It's really awkward because I only wear about two of my shirts ever.

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