Whenever you think of a gay person, you do not think of a black man. amirite?

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Antoine Fuckin' Dodson.

@Sgt_Fink Antoine Fuckin' Dodson.

Sounds like the title of a gay porn video.

@Sgt_Fink Antoine Fuckin' Dodson.

I-I was gonna comment that.

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That black guy from America's Next Top Model.

I'm gay and he makes me shudder.

that dude that ran away with the white kid in easy a.

The only out gay guys at my school are black. And a Puerto Rican guy who's so far in the closet that Mr. Tumnus is tapping that ass.

Whoopi Fuckin' Goldberg

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Chris Brown

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Justin Bieber

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@Justin Bieber

hes black?

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Hey, we don't claim Justin Bieber! He's a white Canadian, and we don't want him! Sincerely, Black America

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Beyonce in Telephone by Gaga.

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Oscar from The Office.

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@Oscar from The Office.

oscar's not black..

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@Oscar from The Office.

He's Hispanic...

Also: Those guys from The Spellman Files. Referencing unknown books probably isn't helping me.

I went to a hotel with a gay black manager, once.

There's a gay guy at my school named Chris, and a flamer that's only bi named Justin. Both of them are black. There's also scared-to-come-out Devon and Andra, even though Andra already came out to me. Both the reasons are because of popularity, even though the gay guys at my school are loved. (And the lesbians are hated...oh joy :C)

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my uncle married a black guy

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I think of a twink.....urbandictionary that mofo

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There's the guy from Rent...

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I don't understand why people are listing names...

I don't think of men first xD

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