Dear Square Enix, please stop making side stories of your game "Kingdom Hearts" and make "Kingdom Hearts 3" already! Sincerely, me. Amirite?

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And, for a fun fact, Square Enix just announced the highly relevant next game for the DS, RE: Coded, which was originally released in Japan as a cellphone game and is only being re-formated because the plot of KH3 will be lacking some key facts if we don't get that game first.
So, not to sound like a nerdy bitch queen, but know which games release when why before you complain about how SE hasn't released KH3 yet...

Who hates Square/Enix?!? I keells them... =P

Anyway, I'm with you... KH3, NAO!!

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Don't worry, Kingdom Hearts: 3D is in production now. . . But I'm not sure if it's another spin-off or KH 3. (I read that the '3D' part is an abbreviation for the subtitle.)

From what I was told, 358/2 days is the story line of Roxas leaving Organization XIII and the 2 part is the time frame you play as Roxas in Kh2

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3D is not a KH 3 but like the other portable console games so far. As for a KH 3 not appearing yet, haven't you ever thought that maybe all these "side stories" are needed for whats to come in KH 3? that maybe we need a little background?

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this is original, I have read every DBPB because I have no life. Add this to DBPD you will get a lot of like votes. (and a few calling Square Enix douches)

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It's so annoying that they keep doing that! How long ago did KH2 come out? 3 years ago?

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I hate side stories when it comes to almost everything.

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Omg everybody stop bitching, birth by sleep is a fantastic game and you all know it. Calm your god damn nips. or would you like to see terra,ventus, and aqua pop up with no fking idea how they got their? Shut the hell up, their is a reason square-enix does this, they have never made a bad game.

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@Omg everybody stop bitching, birth by sleep is a fantastic game and you all know it. Calm your god damn nips. or...

Birth By Sleep, unlike CoM and Days, is not a side story. It's a prequel and is just as much a part of the story as KH 1 or 2.

Birth By Sleep is just as relevant to the game's story as 3 will be.

I still don't get the point of 300/2 days but I do get chain of memories and birth by sleep.

I don't mind that they're taking their sweet time by making side stories and what not. What's pissing me off is the fact that they don't stick to one console/handheld device. I don't want to buy a 3DS, PSP, and all those other things. Why not just stick with a PlayStation? -.-

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This isn't dearblank.

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