Everybody on news stations speak really quickly until they get to the last word of their paragraph, which they say really slowly, amirite?

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ImJohnandthisisyourmorningnewsThemankilledthreeyearsagoinamysteriousaccidentnowidentifiedasjacobblackwasrevealedtobelivingattwelvegrimmauldplacewiththenotoriousmurderersiriusblackwhoisactuallyhisfatherandtheallegedkillerwasreallynamedsteveandharrypotteris aaaaweeeessoommmmeeeee...

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@ShadowCrystal Awesome? lol

It got cut off... paste it into a reply.

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@SpelingChampien It got cut off... paste it into a reply.

ImJohnandthisisyourmorningnewsThemankilledthreeyearsagoinamysteriousaccidentnowidentifiedasjacobblackwasrevealedtobelivingattwelvegrimmauldplacewiththenotoriousmurderersiriusblackwhoisactuallyhisfatherandtheallegedkillerwasreallynamedsteveandharrypotteris aaaaweeeessoommmmeeeee....?

HAHA OH. Nice! :D

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@SpelingChampien Sort of...

Im John and this is your morning news
The man killed three years ago in a mysterious accident now identified as jacob black was revealed to be living at twelve grimmauld place with the notorious murderer sirius black who is actually his father and the alleged killer was really named steve and harry potter is aaaaweeeessoommmmeeeee...

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