You don't know what the proper name or use is of ~, amirite?

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It's name is squiggle and it's meant for uhh... Yeah I don't know hahaha

So that in the Spanish language, you can make año- year and not ano- anus.

It's used as "not" in logic and I think it can also be placed in front of a number that's an approximation. So about 50 would be ~50.

@Brettward95 It means similar with triangles. A squiggly equals sign means almost in math.

Oh yeah, and it goes above an equals sign to indicate congruence.

NB: There's a special circle of hell reserved for whoever decided to differentiate congruence and equality.

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I thought it was a tilde until I saw this. Now I'm so backwards.

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I was raped once. It was terrible.

@Montana I was raped once. It was terrible.

Why would you share something like that with the world and how is it relevant to this post?

@Montana I was raped once. It was terrible.

.........you've seen some messed up testicles, bro

@shelbybuckffs Oh har har. You got me good.

Haha I honestly don't know why my first comment is in positives but i feel kind of accomplished, this was my first trolling attempt smirk smilie

guys, chill out! i know what it is already! its the beard fr a smiley!! :)~ duh! :)

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Tilde. It's primarly used to say approximately "~9001 power level"
But it has another use.

8==D ~~

oh wow I really don't know what it's used for. It turns up as an ending punctuation for singing~ but that's usually just because I missed while I was trying to type a !.

I know the name but not the function~~

Try to google it. I've tried it about 10 different ways and none of them work

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It's obviously just the mysterious key that everyone basically accepts as an exclamation point :P

Well, I always thought it was a tilde until that guy up there said otherwise...
But as for the use.. I think it has many. I sometimes use it at the end of my sentences to add a sort of.. Voice? Like for those of you who have watched animes subbed, have you ever noticed that sometimes when the character fluctuates his/her voice there is a tilde in the sub? I've only seen this a few times, but that's where I got it from, at least.

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It's a tilde and in HDLs, it's used to denote "not."

It's for some Mexican words like pi~na colada

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This is sad. A tilde I think. Spanish accent.

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@Tater This is sad. A tilde I think. Spanish accent.

You say "I think." That means you don't know. So how is it sad if everyone else doesn't know?

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@Tater This is sad. A tilde I think. Spanish accent.

lol. not ˜, we're talking about ~.

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