Human lives are the most easily replaced thing on the planet. Reproduction is generally enjoyable, the action is of no cost, and in 9 months, bam, out comes another human. And the planet is currently overpopulated as is. Valuable resources like food drinking water and shelter, which is scarce worldwide, should be put on a higher level of priority than human lives due to it being harder to create amirite?

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I feel like this would work better in theory...

The way this is worded sounds harsh. I think more people would agree with it if you'd said something along the lines of "yeah, sex is fun for the most part, and by some point everyone knows how to do it. But the world is severely overpopulated because of countries that don't have contraceptives, or reproduce for a reason like hierarchies. If you have the option, make sure you use a contraceptive before you have sex. There are too many people in the world in need of homes, food, shelter, and medication. Don't create more just because you can't be bothered to buy a condom or go on birth control, or both." (Maybe not in so many words.) But I agree with you completely.

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yeah, and to do this maybe we would have to kill off a few humans to make the scarce resources available to more people. Suppose 10 people would have to die as a start and you would be included, what would you say "hey, why not somebody else? I come up with really cool ideas..." Well, every human life is precious and should not be treated like a supply. What could be a better idea is that humans should really stop having so many kids and 'kill' them before they get a chance to live.

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Um, without human life, there would be no need for food, water, and shelter. At least not for humanity.

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