Color commentators for the most part are pointless "oh what a big hit! and Johnson is still down" "I think his left knee got hurt on the play, John." No fucking shit.. how did you guess that? I guess it was Johnson clutching his left knee looking like he was about to shit a porcupine... but that's just my guess. amirite?

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What if you were listening and not watching?

It would be weird watching sports without commentators :/

I voted this up just 'cause you said "shit a porcupine"

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AHAHAHAHAhahahah u just said shit a porcupine ! Ahahah

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Too bad you spelled Safety wrong. The trolls are disappointed in you.

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(coach bag): gtfo

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LMFAO omg this made me crack up sooooo hard i had to run to the bathroom to pee!

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Not everything they say is as obvious as that, and it would be stupid not to mention it if it's happening.

What if you're listening to it on the radio?

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