I just found out that Walmart DOES exist in the UK, it's just called Asda (they're operated by the same company). Now I don't feel special to be American. amirite?

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Walmart made you feel special to be an American? Whaaaat?

how does walmart make anyone feel special?

Are you kidding? We own THEIR Wal-Mart! If our shit fucks up, then their shit fucks up too! We have that power!

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Canada has Wal-mart too...

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Yeah, america, i'm real happy fo', you an' i'mma let you finish, but ASDA is the best supermarket of all time! ALL TIME!

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mexico has walmart too. there a couple in juarez, chiuahua, and i think 1 in cuatemoc.

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Did you mean to post on mlia...

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Well, at least we still have New Jersey . . . wait . . .

OP is mario.

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TESCO is the best supermarket of all time!

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yhh Asda =) i shop there every week for food, but tbh, i dont know why americans rave about it aha it isn't that amazing =P
not in our country anyways, cause we have Tesco, Sainsbury's and Morrisons which are basically the same thing just cheaper.

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Tesco FTW

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