you know..maybe its not Islam that is violent but rather the fact that people from the Middle East naturally have more testosterone than the feminine whites and gender-confused asians, amirite?

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HAHAHAHAHA "gender-confused asians"

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da eff?

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Um... You're a douche

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Obvious troll is...obvious?

That would explain why, even though I'm a girl, I have a mustache.

And a wiener.

haha i come on and it says "69" more people no way it, than yeah you are it. i think that says something.

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Jihad: Lesser Jihad: Is the struggle between believers and non believers in defence of Muslim.
Greater Jihad: is the inner struggle between good and evil.

I guess that can be interpreted how you like.
But Muslims believe much the same things as Christians, they believe in the bible but have the Qur'an as well.


No. It is a special phrase (I forget what) that says people who die fighting for their religion- as in more so striving mentally not to lose faith- that terrorists and extremest take to mean that by suicide bombing America means they will automatically go to heaven.


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