If tomato is a fruit doesn't that make ketchup a smoothie, amirite?

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Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing not to put it in a smoothie.


@PeterWesco MLIA.


I love this post. I so wanted it to be from anywhere but there.

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My first thought when I read this was ketchup with ice cream . . .

Technically it isn't because smoothies are just the fruit with some ice and maybe sugar, while ketchup has other materials mixed in it and the tomato isn't merely blended up like fruit in a smoothie.

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Because all smoothies have vinegar in them.

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Really I think that it is debateable. It could go either way. It depends on how you think about it. Ketchup might be a smoothie yet it might not be as well. You can provide excellent arguements on both sides of the matter. Sadly there is really no right or wrong answer because we will never be able to all agree on whether it is or not.

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Seriously, most of you are just too darned serious. Yep, I laughed. Had a good time with it.

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Hey go grab me a packet of tomatoe smoothie. "Wtf?"

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I think that it is debateable. If you think about it one way ketchup is a smoothie. Yet if you think of it in another, it isn't. You can make really good arguments on both sides of the matter. Also, there is no point in argueing reallybecause there is no way that anybody is going to make everyone agree.

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Yes it is a smoothie, I am Anthony Worral Thompson and I would know as I am a cooking God.

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yes it iss!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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I was thinking more a jam or a marmalade.

Ketchup is not a smoothie because wouldn't that make jam or marmalade smoothies as well as strawberries are a fruit? Also, in ketchup, they have other ingriedents such as vinegar which you don't put in a smoothie. This question was very amusing, but seriously, use your brain and think for a second; this question is not intellectual at all.

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They put all different stuff in smoothies... how do you know I don't order my fruit smoothie with vinegar and preservatives? A fruit smoothie can be made however you want it

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Ketchup is a smoothie because tomato is a fruit

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i just pooped

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Culinarily (Yes its a word now get over it) its a vegetable so no

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