It's quite scary when the normally kind, sweet person in school starts yelling and screaming at everyone, amirite?

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I did that once now this kid will never look at me the same way. :/

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That means some shit has obviously went down. Like, I am a pretty chill person-a lot of my friends say they would be terrified to see me actually get mad lol.

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My friends always talk about how they've never seen me mad.
I tell them they don't want to... they'd be terrified.

Yeah. They say a kind, calm person's anger is the worst, because you know it's something big when he/she snaps.
My friends haven't seen me mad, either. They said that they don't want to see me mad. Wise decision.

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like those people that "snapp" and one day bring a gun to school and shoots everyone.

It happened at my school last year. only one kid got shot though....

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