People that are home schooled are missing out, amirite?

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Missing out on social cliques, loud obnoxious douche-bags, asshole teachers, dumb jocks, sitting around doing nothing because the teacher assigned 10 minutes of work but gave you the whole period, getting up early, cramming for a test that the teacher said would be super hard only for it to be the easiest thing ever,that one idiot in the group ruining the project, shall I go on?

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Actually, I was home schooled for 8 years and then spent my ninth in public school. As much as I love going to school, I'm thankful that my parents home schooled me.

Not unless you're an agoraphobic.

South Park convinced me.

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This is like saying "black people are stupid". It's only true 98% of the time, so you shouldn't say it.

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