Did Voldemort die a virgin? 'Cause he seemed pretty repressed, amirite?

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Voldemort had mad game with the bitches.

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Have you seen him and Bellatrix? He wasn't a virgin.

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In that case, Lucius was totally his bitch.

Just think, hundreds of lives would never have been lost and the Wizaring War would never had happened if Voldemort had just been laid.

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I'm sure someone, somewhere, has... :P

Wow, just trying to imagine Voldemort and Bellatrix having sex is mindfuck

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he was a charmer in hogwarts, he was banging multiple chicks

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Voldemort and Bellatrix had sex. It's pretty obvious.

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I don't think he died a virgin, I mean seriously, what kind of villain does not rape and pillage? And as for bellatrix, she is practically in ecstacy every time he talks, they totally had it on!

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