If no one can guess the gender of your child, it is probably time to dress them in gender-specific clothes. If you choose not to don't get upset everyone thinks your ugly baby girl is a boy... or mutant, amirite?

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If a baby- or anyone for that matter- is gender-neutral it doesn't mean they're 'ugly', it simply means they're androgynous. On that note, most babies are neutral looking, and I actually think dressing your child neutrally is a very smart thing to do.

And not to call them names like alex or chris. Just say the full damn name so we can know.

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I was a bald baby for a really long time, so people always thought I was a boy. My mom made me wear pink dresses. People still thought I was a boy. People are weird.

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I was in the trolley wearing a frilly pink dress, earrings and two ponytails, then someone came up to my mom and asked if I'm a girl or a boy. And I had a really girly face too. People are weird. -_-

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