When you think about it money isnt really needed because we could just trade items like people used to. this system is called "bartering". the only reason we use money is that we are so used to it and cant except change. amirite?

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Lol is "change" a pun?

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...If you have a dozen eggs you're selling and I have a book I'm selling, and I want the dozen but you don't want my book, and I have nothing else with which to barter, then I'm screwed. Which is why we have money.

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isn't accept *can't The reason we don't barter is because it is primitive and most professions products aren't tradeable.

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except= excluding something. (I want everything on my pizza except the onions)
accept=to take what is offered willingly (People of today cannot accept change.)

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I was about to comment on how idiotic this post is, but then I realized that you're just a bad troll. Good job on this one though, you actually made me think you were and idiot that needed an education.

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I've though of this so many times but my dad told me it wouldn't work. There's too much power, and people with it feed off money. People would never give up money, especially anything corporate. And, if nothing cost anything than how is there anything proving its ours?? Oh good a chicken!! Oh sorry its mine. Noo its mine!!! And it wouldn't really work to trade tv's or anything...and what about the people who make them? What do they get? 1OO chickens?? Sorry my dad gave me this lecture and now I'm really strongly against it.

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We don't do that cuz we can't tax "bartering".

Why do you think we don't use it anymore? Because it wouldn't work.

Eventually, that'll lead to comunism...which wont work

There's so much fail, it makes my head want to explode.

Money is the thing you get reward for doing your job. Most people wouldn't work without getting something in return to help support them like money does.

You stupid, stupid troll! I hate when the troll gets a reaction out of me!

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