Ray William Johnson > Shane Dawson, amirite?

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Anyone who voted no way is clearly racist against Mexicans.

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I like Ray better because he takes less personal blows at people.

Jackettas avatar Jacketta Yeah You Are +4Reply

Hells yes!!!

emmyjaays avatar emmyjaay Yeah You Are +3Reply

shane dawson is clearly better :)

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They have great videos, but i think Shane is more comical.

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Doesn't Ray just vlog.... or talk, whatever. Both of them aren't as interesting as a real video anyway.

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Shane is original, and Ray just covers videos that are ALREADY popular. Shane is way better in every way any one who disagrees with me is gay and or a Jesus hater.

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Psh, Charlieissocoollike.

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@Psh, Charlieissocoollike.

Omg. Just thinking the same

emmyjaays avatar emmyjaay Yeah You Are -2Reply

Sxephil is sexy

Anonymous +2Reply

They are both equal in terms of how much I don't give a fuck about.


Tobuscus FTW!

Anonymous 0Reply

Shane Dawson is Fake and Gay :]

SgtSprites avatar SgtSprite Yeah You Are -2Reply

Tobuscus > both of those.

Anonymous -3Reply
@Tobuscus > both of those.

Who the hell is that?

Anonymous +8Reply
@Who the hell is that?

Just one search away.

Anonymous -1Reply
@Just one search away.

Not even going to bother. I'm sure it will be shit.

Anonymous +6Reply
@Your loss.

Some suspicious samefaggin' going on here.

@FreeMustacheRides Some suspicious samefaggin' going on here.

Do you even know what samefag means? I don't think you do.

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shane dawson, cuz i have no idea who the other dude is

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