These days, women are just as opposed to marriage as men; after all, why should you buy the whole pig just to get a little sausage, amirite?

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First of all: the post was meant to be a humorous reversal of "why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free". Secondly... lolwut? Guilt and remorse? Are you agreeing guys are pigs in a sarcastic way, or saying I can't get a man? Because ironically, I'm married; like I said, the post is a joke.

And thanks Gregori; not mine though, I think I heard it on the radio a long time ago =)

Black_No_1s avatar Black_No_1 Yeah You Are +3Reply

yes, most guys kinda are pigs

I laughed, I'm a woman. Get over it.

justbecauses avatar justbecause Yeah You Are +3Reply

This is brilliant =)

The_Gregoris avatar The_Gregori Yeah You Are +2Reply

LOL! I do see your point, but "men are pigs" is an old cliché, and it makes a good counter-analogy with the whole "sausage" thing.

Your comment makes me feel as though I should log back off and go get hog-tied, spit-roasted, and porked... while squealing. =(^.~)=

Black_No_1s avatar Black_No_1 Yeah You Are +2Reply

I'm so glad this one got homepaged; it's my favorite of mine so far xD

Black_No_1s avatar Black_No_1 Yeah You Are +1Reply

I have a little sausage for ya! hello smilie

Tiny_Tims avatar Tiny_Tim Yeah You Are 0Reply

ironic to call the men the pig when it is mostly women who wanna be porked, hog tied, spit roasted and women like to squeal and also enjoy truffle and mud face packs.....

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excuse me, im women and just because guys like to cheat, and they cant be faithful to just one person, does not mean that you have to cover up all ur guilt and remorse by saying that! :0

o, and btw; im a vegetarian too, so i dont like sausage

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