"This paragraph symbolizes the protagonist's desire to move on with his life, and his deep-seated fear that he will never be accepted for who he truly is." Umm, actually, I think he's just riding his bike to school... amirite?

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On youtube, YA fiction author John Green posted a video telling about his books and he said idealy everything in a book has some meaning to it and nothing is random. Even a character's middle name and the color of a cow had symbolic meaning. But then someone asked him about the beer can sword and he admitted some things were just random.

I want to be an author when I grow up, so I apologize in advance to any students who are forced to find symbolism in my books...even when I didn't indend it.

Also: My teacher is exactly like this.

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In macbeth he compares himself to a withered lear and my tutor spent twenty minutes on all the possible meanings

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This happens all the time in my English class and it's so F'ing annoying, I want to write a book and make a note how there was not meant to be any symbols or anything

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Im a short story author, my friend is an English teacher. He regually bullshits about these 'symbols' to his class, and it amuses me! I went to a book fair and they where interviewing authors. An English teacher stood up and went on a rant about the symbols and stuff, and the author nodded and listened, then said 'well, you can believe that, but it was not and never will be intentional.'

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its cause life can be pretty symbolic sometimes so when you write about life...

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I thought this was from I am the Cheese...

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A Facebook group does too.

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Damn you Thomas C. Foster!

(author of How to Read Literature Like a Professor)

Oh my god oh my god my LIFE

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