you can stop a war with guns but you cannot stop the wars, amirite?

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this makes absolutely no sense to me

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when you win a war with a gun you only show that you submit you dont make the other agree :D (i wanna start a debate!!!!!!!!)

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I can't believe enough people understood this post for it to get on the homepage.. I don't understand it all.

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@fortunecookiemonster i thought it was some kind of inside joke...

No it basicly means that while for example second world war was won with guns, you bring peace and its only temporary because 1) you havent convinced the other party that you were right you just submitted them and 2) you show that the gun can win a war and spread their use.

But in one longer sentence even if you can win a war by using force, you can't end them definitively because another one will always pop up

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So...you can end a war by winning, but you can't end fighting? I don;t get it either.

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Well if you took away the guns, there wouldn't be war in the first place.

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Yes but alot less deadly

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