the reason Jack, from the Titanic, didn't get on the door wasn't because he wouldn't fit, it was because it would sink with two people on top of it, amirite?

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they could have taken shifts =

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@they could have taken shifts =

Maybe you should add some shifts into your grammatical repertoire.

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@they could have taken shifts =

This man is a future CEO.

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@they could have taken shifts =

or he could have found a different piece of debris. hes so dumb

i see

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yeah. and if there was something else he could get on, he would have. I wish rose had died instead of Jack, though. I didn't really like her.

Come on guys, let's be realistic. He was obviously just making sure he dies in a heart-wrenching way so the climax to a future movie is complete and he makes people millions of dollars. Duh!

O.o Why does it say I commented in this earlier...?

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youre just learning this now?

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@TheSolution youre just learning this now?

no i am just tired of all the posts saying that jack could fit on the door

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The thing is, there was so much other stuff floating around, he could've got on that! Or at least tried the door! The problem was that they both tried to get on on the one side which obviously made it tip, but if they'd got on together at opposite sides they could've at least seen if it held them and if it didn't then he could have his tragic death. They were so stupid!

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That's exactly what I was thinking...If people saw that he could fit on the wood then they would've saw that he tried to get on and it tipped

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Thank you, fellow realist.

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OMG thanks i did always wonder

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rose shouldve gotten the hell off soo jack's sexyy self could've been aliveee<3, amiriteeee ?

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it wasn't even a door.

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@it wasn't even a door.

minus the fact that it was...

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